20th May 2017 – Open Day

There was an Opne day at our School on 20th May.
New, interested families looked around the School and attended trial lessons of our teachers: “Learn through Play” with Karina Pashkova, “In the Land of a Fairy Tale” with Tatiana Lavrentyeva, “Music and Singing” with Svetlana Boutwood and many others.

The children who came to the Open Day received hot air balloons and little presents, whilst their parents could look at the exhibition of our students’ art (taught by teachers Vida Dagyte and Ludmila Sikhosana). There was also a display of students’ work from other subjects, such as “Speech Development Games”, Reading, Literature and “Global Studies”.

It is always eye-opening to see everyday work by ordinary students, in order to evaluate a school’s commitment and success.

We hope that both children and parents enjoyed the day.
We look forward to seeing you at our School!