Welcome to the Cambridge Russian School!

Our doors are open wide to anyone who is looking to improve and extend their knowledge of Russian language and literature or learn Russian history, culture, customs and traditions. Our friendly atmosphere will provide you with a brilliant opportunity to find Russian-speaking friends and enjoy socialising in Russian. Cambridge Russian school is also a registered examination centre. Not only can you prepare for GCSE and GCE (A level) exams at the Russian School but can now take the exams at the school.

We enrol children between the age of 3 and 16. They are organised in small classes of six to twelve pupils according to their age and proficiency in Russian. Our curriculum is specifically developed and designed by the teaching staff, who take into account the level, needs and requirements of each class individually. A lot of effort is put into making sure that each child feels at home at School and is willing to attend. Our teaching and studying motto proclaims: “Making learning fun makes a star of everyone”.

The main emphasis is on teaching Russian reading and writing, spelling and literature, rhetoric and speech development. Among other subjects you will find Country studies, Drama and Music, as well Art, Gymnastics and Fun Maths clubs. Each term ends in a spectacular school production and a celebration for the whole school community.

If you are interested in our School please read the information further available on this website. If, once you have read to the end, you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you and your children!

The School is a registered charity No 1121075. Here is where you can find information about us on the Charity Commission website

You can view our Constitution, which is the Governing document of the school.