Cambridge Russian School is 18 years old!

On 20th May 2017 our School celebrated its 18th birthday!!!
This was a rare lucky occasion – when we could perform our traditional birthday round dance (known as “Karavay”) all school galore, whilst the sun was shining and celebrating with us! It did start raining later, but we had managed in time! We first had the teachers and parents in the middle of the circle, and then the children in the middle and the parents outside. What matters is that we got back to the Food Centre in time to enjoy hot air balloons and sweet treats before the bell rang – a magnificent birthday cake was awaiting us there in the shape of number “18”, freshly baked by Sasha Turchyn, and more cakes and fun!

Happy special day to all our students, present, past and future, small and grown, and also to their parents and all our teachers!
We have all done well – it is not an easy business to work and study every Saturday!

These beautiful posters were createdby art students Vida Dagyte’s and Ludmila Sikhosana’s classes to celebrate the birthday of our School.