Open Day and School’s Anniversary

Open Day and School’s Anniversary Celebration

On May 12, Cambridge Russian School had its Open Day.

Parents and future pupils could attend lessons, get acquainted with the school, teachers, parents and schoolchildren.

On the same day the school celebrated its 19th birthday, as the school was founded on May 9th, 1999. At the lunch break in the Student Centre (large enough and convenient for all parents and students to get together), Vsevolod Rahr, trustee of the school and the traditional Karavay-man, conducted Karavay for the school’s birthday. There were both younger and older in the circle. Then we congratulated all the people whose birthday is in May and so were lucky enough to be born in the same month as the school.

The school and parents prepared a sweets table, so everyone – both the hosts and the guests of the Open Day – could get some treats and a birthday cake.

For the Open Day the drawing and ceramics class teachers, Lyudmila Sikhosana and Vida Dagyte prepared a bright and colourful exhibition of drawings and other class works under their direction.

Teachers of other subjects also prepared and showed some works from their lessons for the visitors – mathematics, Russian language, literature. We also printed out photos that captured fun moments of the school, and made up a collage.