Summer Sports Games in Cambridge

On 16th June 2018 Summer Sports Games for both children and adults will take place at our school in Cambridge.

We have been organising the Summer Sports Day at our school for a very long time now and we are glad that other schools are supporting it this year.

We have approached many British societies that promote Russian language and culture to support and join us at this sporting event – the first Summer Sports Games.

We are very glad to be supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation, newspaper Pulse, Cambridge Russian Academy and others.

During the event there will be competitions in football and chess. There will also be an opportunity to practice in various other sports: basketball, table tennis, badminton; for kids and older children fun starts will be organised.

This day we will also feature a lecture on massage, as well as a Q&A session with a general practitioner (in Russian). The training and sports day will conclude with a disco party to which all participants of the sporting event are invited.

There will also be an orienteering competition on the next day (17th June 2018) in the Wandlebury Park near Cambridge!