2018-2019 Christmas and New Year celebrations at the school

On 15 December 2018 there were Christmas and New Year celebration activities for our pupils, their parents and teachers at our school.

Various classes took part in the Christmas concert.

Drama class (teacher Tatiana Lavrentieva) and their favorite heroes from famous fairy tales (Thumbelina, Pinocchio and others) greeted the audience.

Our youngest performers from the singing class of Svetlana Boutwood opened the concert with a song about a Christmas tree. The Russian folk dancing groups (teacher Yulia Simon-Neale) performed a gypsy dance (by the senior group), and a Snowmaidens’ dance (by the junior group).

The concert was led by Snegurochka (Masha Carter), Ded Moroz and Storyteller (Tatiana Lavrentieva). After the concert, everyone was invited to take part in Christmas workshops, lottery and traditional feast – Pir na ves’ Mir. Our Elf team, with the help of Snegurochka, presented all the children with Christmas gifts.