“Marine stories”: An exhibition of artworks

At the end of the autumn term, Lyudmila Sikhosana’s classes presented an exhibition of their paintings on the topic of “Marine stories” to demonstrate their skills and to please friends and parents with their wonderful work.

Lessons of our honourable teacher Lyudmila Sikhosana are always full of joy and creative success, a manifestation of the artist’s and teacher’s true talent, full of patience and love for children, and for the subject that Lyudmila teaches.

Lyudmila Sikhosana graduated from the Art and Graphic Department of the Pedagogical University in Rostov-on-Don (Russia), is a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society, participates in its annual exhibitions and has exhibited her work at the Royal Academy in London, as well as in numerous local exhibitions.

Lyudmila is the mother of four children, of which three are currently studying at Cambridge Russian School.