Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cambridge Russian School: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The school and its activities between March 14 and April 4, 2020

The Board of Trustees and the administration of the Cambridge Russian School are monitoring the evolving situation associated with the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). The official position of the School is as follows:

  • The School will continue its normal operation and the provision of lessons with their face-to-face attendance at its official address (Long Road Sixth Form College, Long Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PX) until at least one of the following events occurs:
  1. The central government or the regional administration orders to close all schools in the country or the region.
  2. Long Road Sixth Form College bans the access to its premises for reasons related to the epidemiological situation.
  3. There is an officially confirmed case of coronavirus infection among students, parents or staff.
  • During the entire period when the School operates normally, with the provision of face-to-face classes, the parents’/carers’ decision not to attend classes does not entail a recalculation of tuition fees.
  • In the event that the functioning of the School in normal mode with the provision of face-to-face classes is temporarily impossible, the School will ensure continuity of education and continue providing classes in the form of distance learning where the school administration considers it feasible. The decision which classes are going to run will be made jointly by the administration and teachers, and a complete list of such classes will be published in a timely manner. The schedule of online lessons will follow the current school timetable, and class lists will remain unchanged. The parents’/carers’ decision not to attend the online lessons provided by the School does not entail a recalculation of tuition fees.
  • The fees paid for the lessons which cannot be taught remotely will be transferred to the next trimester.
  • In case of temporary and necessary transition to distance learning, the School will use the online conferences platform ZOOM. In order to use this platform, the teachers need to register on the site and install Zoom on their home computers; registration is not required for the parents, but they also need to install Zoom on their home computers.  

Teachers, Parents, and Administration: Preparations for online classes

Online lessons at the Russian School will be organised according to the following scheme:

The scheme of organizing online lessons at Cambridge Russian school

In order to use this scheme successfully, the following preparation is required (detailed instructions can be found here).

School Administration in advance

  • together with the teachers, determines which lessons can be delivered online
  • publishes the list and schedule of the online lessons and notifies the parents and teachers correspondingly

The teachers in advance (no later than 18 March)

  • install ZOOM on their home computers
  • create one video conference in ZOOM - this video conference will be used as the online "teacher’s classroom"
  • send their access codes to ZOOM video conferences to the administration (each teacher has one video conference and one access code!)

More detailed instructions can be found here.

The parents

  • install ZOOM on their home computers in advance (no later than 19 March)
  • use the access codes they received to connect to the video-conference lessons on the day of their classes

More detailed instructions can be found here.

As soon as the decision to transfer the School to the online operation mode is made the administration

  • will notify the parents and teachers about this
  • will send the codes it received from the teachers to the parents (then the parents themselves will need to find the correct access code opposite the teacher’s name)

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