Robotics at Cambridge Russian School

We are excited to provide Robotics lessons taught be Richard Putikis. These lessons would be of interest to children between 5 to 12 years old.

The amazing world of robots and mechanisms awakens children’s imagination and interest in physics, technology, design, computer science and mathematics.

In the classroom children will acquire real skills in organising engineering work, build a mathematical description, conduct computer modelling and develop control methods, test, modernise and debug code and devices.

Learning is based on using the Lego learning system (Lego Education). Children will get familiarised with the powerful platform LEGO®MINDSTORMS® EDUCATION EV3. They will assemble simple mechanisms and their first robots, learn how to create algorithms, and then translate them into programs. They will understand better the principles of operation of sensors and learn how to use them.

Check out this cool video introducing robotics at Cambridge Russian School.