School Open Day at Cambridge Russian School

We were delighted to welcome our guests and new students to the Open House Day on June 26th.

As part of the day, many interesting events took place on the school grounds:

  • Presentation of a new lesson “Veselye notki” (teacher Irina Anosova).
  • Open lessons for toddlers and preschoolers “Malyshok” and Logorhythmics class (Svetlana Shmeleva), drama classes (Tatiana Lavrentieva).
  • Exhibition of works of classes of art and ceramics (Ludmila Sikhosana and Vida Ike).
  • Open lessons of the Robotics class (Richard Puttikis).
  • Performance by a folk dance class (Julia Simon-Neal).
  • The author of the book “The Adventures of Alfred the Cat” Juliana Protasova visited the school.
  • Also we had a visit from a bookshop from London “Bukivedy”.