Articles by: Andrei Bejan

Art exhibition

Last Saturday an art exhibition took place at our school. The exhibition featured works of our pupils created at the art lessos. It also included the works that children from the other part of the UK sent us. The art works featured at our exhibition display the talent and efforts […]

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Christmas festivities at our school

On Saturday, December 11, at the Christmas party for the students of the Cambridge Russian School, there was a lot of fun for everyone! Snegurochka, Snowman and Ded Moroz held a Christmas Horovod for our youngest pupils, and then the children received gifts and could take a picture at the […]

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Russian and world art through the eyes of children

On December 4, the school hosted an art exhibition of works by the students from the class of Lyudmila Sikhosana at the Student Center. Works on the paintings of Serov, Korovin, Van Gogh, Vrubel, Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Kustodiev, Kuindzhi were produced and exhibited.

School Open Day at Cambridge Russian School

We were delighted to welcome our guests and new students to the Open House Day on June 26th. As part of the day, many interesting events took place on the school grounds: Presentation of a new lesson “Veselye notki” (teacher Irina Anosova). Open lessons for toddlers and preschoolers “Malyshok” and […]

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Robotics at Cambridge Russian School

We are excited to provide Robotics lessons taught be Richard Putikis. These lessons would be of interest to children between 5 to 12 years old. The amazing world of robots and mechanisms awakens children’s imagination and interest in physics, technology, design, computer science and mathematics. In the classroom children will […]

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