Dear members of Cambridge Russian School

As you may know, the Homes for Ukraine scheme was officially opened by the UK government on Friday 18th March 2022. On Saturday 19th March 2022 our school welcomed the first Ukrainian refugee child. The Trustees Board and School Administration came to an unanimous decision to offer lessons to this boy at our school free of charge. We have also agreed that in future we will consider each case and the level of support we can offer on an ad hoc basis. As of today, there are just over ten such pupils attending our school.

As the number of Ukrainian refugees and their children in the UK is expected to grow, we would like to be able to help more people and do so in a more predictable and organised way. We would also like to give you the opportunity to contribute and help us to facilitate this. With that in mind, we are announcing the creation of a specific purpose school fund that will be used exclusively for funding the attendance at our school of those children of both Russian and Ukrainian speaking refugees who would be interested in taking lessons at the school. 

Please donate to support us in allowing the children of the UK based Ukrainian refugees to attend our school free of charge for the duration of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. The amount of help that we can provide to people affected by the war in Ukraine, who found shelter in the UK and wish to attend our school, depends on us.

Should you wish to donate an amount different from the options above, please do so by bank transfer using the following dedicated account: sort code 20-73-26, account number 03192547.

As of September 1, 2022 we have collected £1,092. We are much grateful to all donors including one of our colleagues who donated £500, i.e. half of this amount. The money collected so far will enable us to offer children of Ukrainian refugees classes at discounted rates.

Any questions? Please feel free to drop us an email at