Artistic Gymnastics (6–12 year-olds)

Teacher: Olga Romanova

DSC_9365Artistic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and popular sports in Russia, which combines elements of dance, choreography and sport itself.

Sessions of artistic gymnastics in the Russian School are aimed at girls of the age of 6+. Each session includes physical warm-up and training with different objects (a ball, a hoop, a ribbon, and a skipping rope).

From September to April, girls practise short routines to music, both individually and in groups, which they later demonstrate at the School’s talent shows, as well as at the Cambridge Children’s Culture Festival (in November).

In the summer term, the main emphasis is on stretching, improving the flexibility of the body, and choreography.

Sessions take place in the sports hall of the college in the autumn and winter terms, whilst from May onwards, we tend to train in the open air, weather permitting.

Sports Club

Teacher: Elena Kapitsa

DSC_9145At the beginning of the new academic year, a “Children’s Sports Club” opens at the Russian School, to which we are pleased to invite your children!

The main focus of the club is to form and develop the physical skills and performance of the body, and also improve concentration and social interactions.

These sessions will take the format of “Multisport”, with a varying emphasis e.g. on coordination, speed, strength, agility, or team work.

The “Children’s Sports Club” will become a successor to the already familiar “Gymnastics” lessons – it will retain the most beneficial strategies and the parts of gymnastics and acrobatics that are especially favoured by children. To build up agility and coordination, there will be a series of workouts with objects (hoops, balls and skipping ropes). Meanwhile, a good deal of time will be devoted to games – traditional Russian, based on themes, fast-moving, and fostering both physical and social development.

During the warmer season, when it is pleasant outside, we shall enjoy track-and-field athletics – e.g. long jump, high jump, ball-hurling, short- and long-distance running.

The main aim of this club is to give children happy and fruitful training sessions, in the hope that physical exercise will become their day-to-day habit.