A Happy New Year Advent Calendar from Cambridge Russian School

Winter is just around the corner!

We would like to offer our students, their parents and all our friends something very special – a Happy New Year Advent Calendar. This calendar was designed exclusively for our school by Vera Evstafieva, an artist and designer.

Some of our students and parents will find this calendat familiar – in 2018 a limited number of hard copies were on sale at the school at a low price. That fund-raising event contributed to the school’s budget and helped us to continue offering a wide range of subject to our students. This year we decided to give this calendar a second life and make it freely available to everyone (jpeg, pdf). We hope colouring the calendar will be fun and bring you lots of joy this December! We are very grateful to Vera for this opportunity!

The calendar invites us to follow a New Year’s journey through a fictional town that hosts houses of different eras and styles, urban and rural, which we remember from our childhood – ancient chambers, wooden huts, a house in the Art Nouveau (Modern) style, churches of different epochs, and a town manor in the Neoclassical style.

The calendar begins on December 15. You will follow a captivating trail by visiting and colouring one house/building each day and complete the journey on January 1, 2021 by arriving to a Christmas tree in the middle of the festive town!

The calendar is available for downloading via the following links: jpeg, pdf. We strongly recommend to print out the calendar on a high-density A3 paper, if at all possible.

Do email us photos of your completed coloured journeys (perhaps even with you in the photo!), as we shall be very happy to create an online exhibition of these by uploading them to the school’s web site.