Our teachers and assistants will warmly welcome your children to our light and spacious classrooms. Our teachers work according to study plans specifically designed for each class, which take into account children character, level of Russian fluency and allocated number of lessons (30–32 lessons annually). Our teachers are well qualified with 90% of them having a teaching qualification. Many teachers have PhD degrees and 40% are qualified language specialists. Such subjects as History, Mathematics, Art are being taught by experts with higher education diplomas in this field.

Our teachers aim to adjust their curriculum to particular needs of each pupil. They utilise both adapted study plans from schools in Russia and programmes of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Differential approach to each pupil helps to motivate children with different levels of fluency in Russian, so your sons and daughters will not be bored!

Furthermore, additional individual lessons with our tutors are available upon request.

We are looking forward to see you in the Cambridge Russian School!

No photoIrina Anosova
Music and Singing, In a Fairy Tale (assistant); Speech games
Andrei BejanAndrei Bejan
Programming; guitar
Svetlana BoutwoodSvetlana Boutwood
Music and Singing, Piano
Suzy BrandesSuzanna Brandes
Regional Geography and Cultural Studies
Liliya BrownLiliya Brown
Russian Language and Literature
No photoEkaterina Gorodova
Skillful Hands
Irina GostevaIrina Gosteva
Maths club and Russian language
Vida DagyteVida Dagyte
Drama and Arts
No photoElina Danilenko
Olga KaluginaOlga Kalugina
Maths Club
Elena KapitsaElena Kapitsa
Sports Club
Jelena CarterJelena Carter
Art and Culture for Children, Reading and Literature, Business English for Adults
No photoAnastasia Kisil
Maths Club
Liliya KopanitsaLiliya Kopanitsa
Russian Language and Reading
Natalia KrasilnikovaNatalia Krasilnikova
Music and Singing, Drama (assistant); Russian language
Tatiana LavrentievaTatyana Lavrentyeva
Drama, In a Fairy Tale and Show me a Fairy Tale
No photoOlga Larina
Iuliia LutseyevaIuliia Lutseyeva
Anna NerukhAnna Nerukh
Russian Language and Literature for adults
Svetlana MelluscoSvetlana Mellusco A-level,
Russian Language and Reading
Karina PashkovaKarina Pashkova
Learning through games and Speech Therapy Lesson
Olga RomanovaOlga Romanova
Russian Language, Regional Geography and Cultural Studies, Gymnastics
Aliona SamarovaAliona Samarova
Pochemuchka and The World Around us, French Club
Olga SandsOlga Sands
Russian Language and Literature, GCSE
Ljudmila SikhosanaLjudmila Sikhosana
Alina TimofeyevaAlina Timofeyeva
Learning through games (assistant)
Tatiana UstinovaTatiana Ustinova
Chess and Maths Clubs, Zanimatika
No photoAleksandar Tsvetkov