Christmas festivities at our school

On Saturday, December 11, at the Christmas party for the students of the Cambridge Russian School, there was a lot of fun for everyone!

Snegurochka, Snowman and Ded Moroz held a Christmas Horovod for our youngest pupils, and then the children received gifts and could take a picture at the Christmas Tree.

A festive concert of the class Vesylye Notki, folk dance class and junior drama class with the New Year’s fairy tale took place in the large drama hall.

It was difficult to make a choice among so many interesting festive workshops that the teachers of the school conducted.

And on this day, Santa Claus and the elves gave out gifts, a children’s room for kids worked, contests and a lottery were held, there was a Feast for the whole world, a quiz, debates and board games were organized for senior schoolchildren.